Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introduction - Picture Perfect Practice

This blog is a space for illustrating self-training course on photography. 
It is based on the book by famous photographer Roberto Valenzuela "Picture Perfect Practice". This book is a self-training guide that looks quite interesting for getting some experience from professional photographer with examples of the pictures and descriptions. It also has a number of exercises in every chapter, so that it would be possible to take some shots following the guidelines of the master.

"Picture Perfect Practice" consists of four major parts:
  • Location
  • Poses
  • Execution
  • Deliberate Practice 
In my blog I will take all exercises one by one. I will publish these attempts to improve my photography skills here, explaining the essence of the exercises and showing my own pictures. 

I find this book exceedingly useful, even if you are not going to make all exercises. It is written in a very easy manner and the pictures are really illustrative. If you are interested in photography and looking for ways to improve your skills, you will find it useful as well.

The previous course that I made was The Art of Photography at Open College of Arts that helped me a lot and that was quite interesting to attend. Since then I was looking for some other ways to continue developing my photography skills. After attending one photography conference in Tallinn, where Roberto Valenzuela was one of guest lecturers, I decided that his book is a way to go.
So, we'll see, what pictures will come out of this attempt.